With substantial accident rates and unfortunately, death rates registered each year with teenage drivers, you’re not wrong to worry about handing over the keys to your car to your teenage child!

Yet, this doesn’t mean you can bar them from what is a necessity anyway. Given that their responsibilities are increasing, and they need their freedom, your teenager will need to start driving on their own sooner or later. So, what should you do to make sure your teen drives safely?

Short of being in the vehicle each time they drive, we recommend signing them up for teen driver’s education so they can improve their driving skills!

What is Defensive Driving?

Teen defensive driving is a course specially designed to help drivers improve their response time and address certain concerns and road hazards when driving. Defensive driving involves various techniques that cover more than just courteous driving and basic rules of the road.

Defensive driving not only allows teens to have more confidence on the road, but it can also reduce their risk of getting involved in an accident, save your money by reducing their insurance premiums by up to 10 percent, and fines on their license.

Benefits of Defensive Driving for Teens

The greatest benefit for teens is that when it comes to learning driving, they start early and in the primary days. So, they haven’t cemented their driving style as of yet, which means that it can be improved.

For many drivers, the problem arises when defensive driving forces them to stray away from their usual habit of driving. Honking the horn too much, not checking the rear-view mirror as often, getting involved in road rage—all of these bad habits are something that defensive driving addresses, among other things.

For teens, defensive driving not only corrects and solidifies their muscle memories, but they also learn early on what the correct technique is, the checklist they should follow before starting the engine, and how they should react in case of a dangerous situation.

Defensive driving teaches them to be prepared. And through that, it makes them a better driver.

Looking for a Reliable Service in Houston, TX?

Champions Driving School offers teen defensive driving lessons in person for a very affordable price. Any questions? Get in touch with us for more information. We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can to keep your kids safe on the road.