You’re driving on the highway when you hit a bump in the road, your car makes a loud whoosh and thud, then comes to a sudden halt. You try the ignition switch but to no avail. In these conditions, anyone can start to feel unnerved and frightened.

Even though a broken down car in the middle of nowhere isn’t good news, if you’re prepared and have high spirits, you can get out of this problem quickly.

Don’t lose hope and follow these steps for quick recovery:

Switch on the hazard lights

After your car stops working, safely maneuver it to a secure spot before switching on the hazard lights. These can signal to other drivers on the road that you’re in distress and need help.

If your car breaks down while driving in traffic, hazard lights can signal other cars to drive around you to avoid accidents. Then, slowly move your car further into the right lane and look for a safe spot to park it.

Assess the situation

If you’re unable to maneuver your car to a safe spot, keep sitting in it, and call for help. Staying in a broken-down car with traffic piling behind you can be unsettling. However, in certain situations, it’s safer to sit inside your vehicle instead of trying to cross a high-speed freeway on foot.

Assess the situation before you make any decisions: don’t get out of your car in dense traffic areas or on the bend of a blind corner and don’t try to change the tires in the middle of a road. Instead, wait for someone to come to rescue you.

Diagnose the problem

If you’ve safely parked your car in a secure spot, come out of it and check the engine for signs of damage. If you’ve just parked it, the engine will be scorching. So be careful when you fiddle with it.

Some things that you should check for include:

Battery terminal connections

A disconnected battery can lead to a problem in the workings of your car. If you see that the battery terminals are disconnected, use a wrench to attach them back together. Always connect the negative terminal first and then work on the positive terminal.

Fuse box

The fuse box of a car contains many fuses in different shapes. Some of these may be encased in glass covers, while others may have plastic coverings.

Be very careful while dealing with the fuse box as it can lead to a shot circuit. Check the fuse box for signs of fuse breaks and clean it thoroughly after replacing for any blown fuses.

Knowing how to perform these necessary car checks can come in handy during emergencies. Attend the online driving ed class for adults at Champions Driving School to learn these life skills. We also offer online defensive driving classes at affordable rates.

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