Aggressive driving, fender benders, DUIs, road accidents, hit-and-runs—poor driving has led to a number of incidents, many of which have led to fatal consequences. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, nearly 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year.

Clearly, even as adults, many of us could use a refresher course on how we should maintain a better level of driving. So, for those out there accepting of some help, Champions Driving School offers some basic tips to help you be safer when you’re behind the wheel!

Correct Your Sloppy Driving Habits

Remember all those signals your driving instructor made you do, even when turning in reverse? Revert to that practice.

While it might seem like too much work, you know it’s not. You’re just feeling lazy. Think back to all the times you were told to indicate: when changing lanes, when turning right or left, when moving out of a parking spot.

Adjust Your Mirrors

Your side-view and rear-view mirrors are meant to give you better visual access to your surroundings. So, adjust them accordingly. Sit behind the steering wheel, lean your head against your side’s window then set your mirror so you can see the bare edge of the vehicle. You’re supposed to position your mirrors in a way that helps you reduce your blind spots. Find them and adjust your mirrors so you can see around your vehicle properly.

Do NOT Tail Gate

This is a very bad practice, not to mention quite rude. If you’re driving in back to back traffic, keep some space between your car and the one in front of you. You need enough space so if you ever need to hit the brakes or if the car in front of you is backing up, they don’t end up colliding with yours.

Look Around

If you find yourself staring at one thing for several seconds, force yourself to take your eyes away from it. Target fixation causes the driver to become so fixated on just one spot in front of them, they don’t even realize they’re near the next vehicle until it’s too late. If you’re prone to this habit, practice looking in your rear-view mirrors or scanning other cars every 5 or so seconds.

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Upgrade your skills and improve your driving with us. Use your resources to become a safer driver!