As a parent, seeing your teenage children behind the wheel can make you quite nervous. As parents and experienced drivers, you most likely know the dangers associated with driving. Driving on your own requires good judgement and you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Car crashes are the number one causes of death among teenagers in the United States. That’s possibly why parents are so apprehensive of teaching their kids to drive.

Here are some things you can do to protect your teenagers who are preparing to and learning how to drive.

Practice what you preach

Lead by example when it comes to driving. Make sure you’re following all the necessary safety precautions and laws to drive safely. Regularly doing so will make your teenager do the same too.

Make sure you’re using your seat belt, keeping your phone away, sticking to the speed limit, and following all other traffic laws. Following all the traffic laws will get your teen accustomed to them as well.

Look for Teen Focused Safety Features

Car manufacturers like Ford offers teen-focused safety systems. Such systems empowers parents so that they can set restrictions as they see fit and are able to monitor their teens behind the wheel.

One of the features of the Ford System is the alarm that keeps going off if the driver doesn’t buckle up. Such systems are also able to alert the drivers about their fuel level earlier than usual, since teens aren’t used to checking the fuel levels.

Teaching Your Child to Drive

Due to COVID-19, parents have had to take on the role as a driving instructor. Before you begin teaching them to drive, you need to know how to teach them too. Just because you’re good or experienced at something, doesn’t mean you will be able to convey your knowledge to your child. Sign up for a teen driver’s education course that’s designed to help parents teach their kids.

Tips When Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Be Patient and Supportive

Teaching your teenager to drive is a stressful experience for both parties. As a parent you’re probably going to feel nervous and anxious, as your child will be feeling too. Be patient with them as getting agitated at their pace will only knock their confidence. Be a supportive parent and keep your cool when trying to teach them.

Provide Clear Instruction and Guidance

You can’t expect your teen to understand every direction you give them when they are learning to drive. Instead of telling them to slow down, tell them to apply the brakes. Don’t be vague and tell them where to look and what to avoid.

Due to COVID-19, our driving school now offers teen driver’s education for your convenience and safety. We offer instructor-led teen driving course in Houston as well as a parent-taught teen driver education. Call 8329343077 for more information about our programs.