Driving is one of the more common ways to commute in the United States. It’s more convenient and reliable. However, when driving, you’re bound to interact with drivers of all kinds, especially if you’re going on long journeys.

More people are now driving in America than ever before, with over 222 million licenses issued. However, with more people driving, traffic accidents are also on the rise.

Here are some of the commonly breached driving laws in Texas:

Running A Red Light

One of the most common tickets issued in Texas are for moving violations. The maximum fine for running a red light here is $200. When caught on camera, it’s around $75.

Running a red light is incredibly dangerous and can lead to serious accidents. Be very vigilant of the signal or any stop sign to stay safe and keep fellow drivers safe. That’s also the best way to avoid hefty fines.

While it’s not illegal in Texas to run a yellow sign, it’s better to practice controlling your speed when the signal turns yellow. The more you practice, the better you will get at slowing down or making it through the intersection before it turns red.

Not Wearing A Seatbelt

Seatbelts have been developed for your safety while driving. Seatbelts are known to save lives in serious accidents, and therefore all passengers in the vehicle should be wearing their seatbelts too. Every state’s law mentions that a seatbelt must be worn when driving. The fine for not wearing a seatbelt can reach up to $200. Despite the hefty fine, drivers in Texas often break this rule.

Using A Phone

1 in 5 accidents is caused by distracted drivers busy on their phones. While there are no laws that ban the use of a cellphone while driving, cellphone laws can differ from city to city. There are three cellphone laws to be followed in Texas too:

  • No wireless communication devices to be used while driving
  • No texting
  • No other manual use of cellphones

The fine on using your phone while driving can range between $200 to $500, so keep your phone away while driving. Pull over if you absolutely need to make an urgent call.

Driving Without A License

It’s essential to have a valid driver’s license on you whenever you decide to get behind the wheel. It can happen to any one of us that we’ve driven off without keeping our license and registration – however, that’s not a good enough excuse for the police. If you’re found without a license, you’ll be fined $200. You must note that the fine increases every time you violate this law. In fact, in Texas, you might have to pay additional fines for driving without a license too.

Get into the habit of keeping your license with you at all times – it can help you get out of sticky situations with the police. Some drivers keep their license in a safe spot in their vehicle too.

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