In the United States, the cops pull over about 20 million drivers each year. In Texas, especially, many drivers who are stopped are unaware of their rights. As a result, dangerous encounters with police that bring about arrests and worse may occur. This is why it is vital to know your rights!

You Have the Right to Remain Silent.

In the event that the officers question you concerning your whereabouts or personal information, you reserve the right to remain silent. If you wish to exercise this right, you need to inform the officer.

In certain states, you must give the official your name and might be arrested if you refuse to do so. Regardless, information that you find unnecessary does not need to be provided.

You Have the Right to Object During a Search.

Police officers can’t search your vehicle without a warrant. According to The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, drivers are protected from searches. The police must have evidence to believe you’re involved in any criminal activity.

However, the officer may pat down your clothing if a weapon is suspected. Refusing consent won’t prevent the officer from conducting the search against your will. However, making an objection before or during the pursuit can help protect your rights later. 

You Have the Right to Record the Interaction.

You reserve the option to watch and record occasions that are visible in public, open spaces. As long as you don’t meddle with what the officials are doing and don’t stand too close and block their movements. Remain at a safe distance and don’t attempt to conceal the way that you are recording.

Although the cops may not expect privacy while doing their job, the people they interact with may have privacy protection rights. This means that you should notify them when they’re being recorded. In numerous states, you should clearly make individuals aware that you are recording them.


You Have the Right to Refuse to Take BAC Tests

If the officer asks you to take a Breathalyzer or blood tests for drunk driving, you have the right to refuse.

Upon refusal, you will be required to sign a statement that says you understand the consequences of denying this test. However, keep in mind that, based on Texas’ “implied consent” law, your license will automatically be suspended. People involved in fatal accidents or previous DWI or DUI convictions may be forced by the police to take this test.

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