Texas is one of the top states when it comes to issuing driver’s licenses, with over 17 million licensed drivers. Every year fresh drivers, who are able to pass the test, are added to this list.

As a new driver, you’re probably really nervous about getting behind the wheel. There’s immense responsibility involved in driving and you need to be as safe as possible. Here are some effective guidelines new drivers should follow:

Distinguish any potential hazards

If you’ve taken a defensive driving class, you should be familiar with potential hazards on the road. Defensive driving teaches you to identify potential hazards ahead of time so that you can slow down and stop, if needed. Potential hazards can include a vehicle ahead that’s driving rashly, a chemical spill, or an accident ahead.

Slow down

Speeding is one of the main reasons behind car crashes. It increases the chances of crashes being fatal as well. Driving at high speeds makes it difficult to slow down when necessary, and can often lead to avoidable accidents.

As a new driver, you need to take things slow on the road. Stay within the speed limit so that you have ample time to stop. Make sure you’re not driving too slowly as it can distract other drivers on the road.

Wear your seatbelt

Always wear your seatbelt while driving. Seatbelts have been developed for our safety so make sure your passengers are wearing them too. 56% of fatal car accidents with teenagers involved have had unbuckled seatbelts.

Adjust all mirrors and your seat

When you get into the driver’s seat, make sure you take your time to adjust all the accessories to your eye line. All mirrors should be adjusted to ensure you can see your vehicle and the cars behind, while reducing the chances of blind spots. You should also adjust your seat so it’s comfortable and the right distance for you.

Failure to adjust your mirrors leads to blind spots and you aren’t able to keep track of the vehicles behind you when turning, slowing down, or even parking.

Don’t tailgate

Tailgating closely behind other cars won’t help you get anywhere quicker. You need to remember driving isn’t like queuing up, you need to maintain a safe braking distance from the vehicle in front to ensure everyone’s safety.

Tailgating other vehicles increases the chances of rear-end accidents which you don’t want. Always remember the 3-second rule. Spot an object on the side of the road that the vehicle before you passes, count to 3 seconds, and that’s the distance you should maintain.

Even though you’ve passed your test, there’s a lot more to driving you can learn from us. Sign up with us for an online defensive driving course in Houston. We also offer drivers education in-person and online for those who have not received a license yet. Call 8329343077 for more information.