Learning how to drive makes you independent since you no longer have to rely on other forms of transport to get you from A to B. However, driving is a huge responsibility. You have to keep your passengers safe and reduce the risk of affecting other motorists with the way you drive.

Every state has its own traffic laws that need to be followed at all times. These laws have been developed and updated over the years to ensure safety and accountability on the road. Since your actions affect other motorists and pedestrians, it’s essential that you understand all state laws before you get behind the wheel.

Here are some reasons to know your state’s traffic laws:

Reduces the chances of collisions

Traffic laws have been developed to make the roads safer for motorists. It’s a way to ensure that everyone drives in a particular way, to reduce the chances of accidents. Driving on one side of the road, making use of turn signals, stopping at a red light, and staying within the speed limit are all ways to reduce the chances of collisions.

Traffic laws also cover driving under the influence. Having drugs or alcohol in one’s system is known to affect their judgment, making them a liability behind the wheel. Knowing the state laws and legal blood-alcohol level reduces the chances of collisions due to driving under the influence.

Less likely to have traffic violations

Knowing all traffic laws means you will be less likely to break them. Knowing all the traffic laws of your state reduces the number of traffic violations against your record.

The more traffic violations and points you have against your license, the higher the chances of your driver’s license being cancelled. A judge might order you to enroll in defensive driving if you have many points on your license. Certain offenses like speeding and the use of a cell phones can result in an arrest, upon the discretion of the officer.

Helps with insurance premiums

When applying for auto insurance, your insurance premium depends on your driving record. The more points against your license, or the more tickets you have, the higher your insurance premium will be. Insurance providers will deem you a higher risk client and therefore be wary of providing insurance. Certain auto insurance providers also give discounts on insurance premiums if a client signs up and completes a defensive driving course. This course covers all the state laws and crash prevention techniques, making the applicant a safer driver.

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