The weather plays an important part when you’re behind the wheel. Certain weather conditions like heavy rain, snow, and strong winds make it difficult to drive and drivers need to be very vigilant during such conditions.

Since Houston is expected to experience another round of thunderstorms and strong winds, it’s essential that you’re equipped to drive safely, if needed.

Here are some precautions to take when driving during strong winds:

Drive slower than usual

The faster you drive, the less control you have over your vehicle. Make sure you’re driving slowly when the winds are high so that you have better control over your vehicle. Driving slower than usual also gives you time to react to whatever is happening before you. Let’s say a vehicle has suddenly changed lanes or there’s a collision up ahead, maintaining a slower speed allows you to safely come to a halt.

Leave a considerable distance between other vehicles

While you should leave a distance between other vehicles (keeping in mind the 3 second rule), you need to be more careful about this when driving in windy conditions. Due to the uncertain weather, the vehicle in front of you could lose control, be swept off its path, or might even come to a complete halt. To be better prepared, leaving ample space between vehicles.

Stay away from large vehicles. Trucks are more difficult to control in this weather, and while truck drivers are able to handle such weather conditions, it’s best to stay away.

Driving in side winds

Strong side winds are incredibly dangerous to drive in. Such winds, when strong enough, can blow you off course. You begin to feel the pressure on your vehicle, pushing it one direction. Make sure you control the steering wheel and gently steer in the opposite direction of the wind so that you’re back on track.  Try not to panic as that can affect your decision making. Remember, you need smooth and gentle movements when dealing with side winds.

Driving in head winds

Head and tail winds are much easier to drive in. Such winds alter your speed a bit and therefore you need to adjust your acceleration accordingly.

Since we are expecting rough weather in the coming days, take all the precautions possible when driving. If you can avoid driving in such conditions, it’s best to stay home and be safe.

Due to COVID-19, our driving school now offers online drivers education for your convenience and safety. However, if you are comfortable leaving your home, Champions Driving School is taking all the necessary precautions to ensure your safety during in-person instruction We also offer online defensive driving in Houston, which can help you with tickets. Call 8329343077 for more information about our programs.