Parking lots are the scenes of many deadly accidents. And they get even more dangerous during rush hour or holiday season. As a driver, you need to be extra careful when entering or leaving your car in one.

Most drivers ignore traffic signs and lane markings in parking lots. It’s vital to follow them diligently, just as you would on the road; this will help you become a safe driver and will prevent car crashes.

The following are some parking safety rules that you need to be aware of:

Back-Up While Parking

Most people drive into their spot instead of backing into it. This is a novice driver oversight.

Make sure that you enter your parking spot while backing into it. This will increase your visibility of the lane ahead of you. It will also allow you to drive away quickly if you’re being approached by a stranger or are in another threatening situation.

Park In A Space With Sufficient Room

Make sure you’re parking in a space that has sufficient room on both sides, or else, it’ll be a nuisance to other drivers. You also have to park in the center of the space so other drivers and pedestrians can spot you easily and navigate accordingly.

An excellent way to check if you’ve left enough space on both sides of the car is to check if you can open your door without hitting any other vehicle.

Be Aware Of The Exits And Entrances

While parking in a crowded parking lot, you need to be aware of the lot’s entrance and exits. During rush hours, you need to park away from these spots to avoid an accident.

Drive Well

Being safe in a parking lot is about being prepared for all kinds of close-encounter circumstances. You need to be extra careful while driving in a parking lot because the lanes are narrow and space is dimly lit.

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