Having some form of anxiety when driving is completely normal. This fear, if not properly handled, can result in you being hesitant to drive in the future. This is why it is incredibly important to equip adult drivers and teens with the best driving skills and lessons to keep in mind on the road.

In this post, we will explain what driver’s anxiety is, as well as the best ways to help overcome this anxiety when driving.

What is Driver’s Anxiety?

Driving anxiety is a form of agoraphobia which is the fear of open spaces. However, it is not the open spaces that cause anxiety for drivers as much as the possibility of losing control. It is common for people suffering from driver’s anxiety to feel scared, have sweaty palms, be disorientated, confused, and even experience shortness of breath.

Basic Ways to Overcome Anxiety

When trying to overcome your anxiety when driving, here are some basic things to remember:

1. Whatever happens, don’t stop driving

Just like with many other fears, you may want to avoid driving because of the feelings that are associated with it. This can be even more difficult if you have had a bad experience behind the wheel such as a car crash or having lost control in the past. Despite this, it is essential to keep driving and not let fear take over. Start small with short local runs and build up your confidence slowly over time.

2. Drive with a trusted passenger

An important thing to remember is that you do not have to drive alone. When trying to overcome your fears, bring along a trusted passenger to sit beside you while you drive. This can help distract you from your anxiety while you engage with them along the way. You can choose to talk about random things to help keep your mind occupied or express the fears you are experiencing with them to help relieve some of the pent-up emotions you may be going through while driving.

3. Create and maintain a peaceful space

External factors can play a big role in increasing your anxiety subconsciously. This can range from clutter around the car to loud noises and unpleasant smells. Creating and maintaining a peaceful space can help you keep calm and collected whilst driving.

4. Take a driver’s course from a trusted adult and teen driving school

If your fear has kept you from getting your license or prevented you from getting back behind the wheel, you could benefit from having some lessons at a trusted adult driving school. This can help refresh your driving skills and help you regain confidence behind the wheel again. With a trusted driving school, new teen drivers can get experienced guidance on how to manage stress and overcome fears to drive safely and comfortably around town.

Choosing a Trusted Driving School

Having some form of anxiety when driving is completely normal. However, you can really benefit from a trusted adult driving school to help you along the way. 

Partnering with a trusted and experienced teen driving school can help teach your teen the basics of how to remain calm and create a peaceful space in the car. This can be essential to help overcome anxiety and keep everyone driving safely and comfortably.