COVID-19 has brought our lives to a standstill! With social distancing orders still in place, most everyday activities have either been put on hold or have gone online.

From classes to shopping, the World Wide Web now mediates every aspect of our life. In short, the coronavirus crisis has ignited an online classes boom.

And this—surprisingly—includes driving classes!

Are online driving lessons possible?

It’s a common assumption that online classes are not practical when it comes to driving. In reality, being a good driver is a lot more than just knowing how to work the steering wheel.

Online driving education mainly focuses on strategies and techniques that will help you remain safe on the road. Other than the act of driving, the instructors will equip you with knowledge of hazard-recognition, defensive driving techniques, and how to best avoid collisions. The courses also focus on different driving laws and how they vary across states.

Once the course comes to an end, a certificate is emailed to the participants.

What are the pros?

One of the biggest challenges with driving lessons is finding transport to the driving school. Not every driving school offers free pick and drop services for students. Taking the classes online means you can avoid transportation costs and save some money. You also get to save yourself from the hassle of looking for parking every time you go to school.

Online driving classes also give you the liberty to take your classes whenever you feel like it. You can attend your class, and then go about doing all the chores you have to do. You can even do it all at the same time.

You no longer have to rush your way through the course either. When at home, you can rewatch a lesson, take notes at your own pace, etc.

What are the cons?

Online driving education is only a viable solution if you have a licensed and certified online trainer on board. In most cases, individuals rely on free or parent-taught online courses. When they do this, they miss out on key expert advice.

Other than that, online driving classes may or may not work for everyone. Not everyone is able to balance their academic, professional, and personal lives while also managing classes at the same time.

Similarly, most students rely on student-instructor interactions to learn better. The same relationship might not be easy to form through a screen. For some individuals, one-on-one interaction is important. Again, online drivers’ education isn’t a bad idea. It’s just not meant for everyone.

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