All grown up and ready to take on the world, your teen is about to start their journey for the next great adventure: drive by themselves!

Of course, for your child, you want to be sure that they know the responsibilities of being a good and safe driver. But how do you teach them this lesson?

A driving school would suit, but which one? Here are some things you need to when choosing a driving school for your teen!

– Is It Positively Reviewed Online?

Check the school’s Facebook page and Yelp to see if any other parents have written any reviews about their experience. If there are a slew of positive reviews, you’re good to go. If you spot one or two negative reviews, don’t let that sway your mind. Every business receives good and bad responses. Let the majority swing your vote.

– Does it Offer Defensive Driving Classes?

Many driving schools in Texas, including Champions Driving School, offer defensive driving classes. By opting for a school for your teen that specializes in such classes, your child will not only learn from the best, they’ll have the opportunity to enroll in the defensive driving class as well, which will help them fine-tune their driving skills.

– Can You Examine their Fleet?

You’re sending your child out for their first driving lesson. Make sure that the cars they use are dependable, safe and clean. You don’t have to drive the car to make sure it’s in working order as well. But just have a look around and ask questions about accident rates when speaking to a representative. They should be open about handing over such information.

– Can You Speak to the Instructor?

At Champions Driving School, we understand that you might be anxious about your child sitting behind the wheel. So, speak to their instructor about their process so you can feel assured. Ask them about their teaching techniques, what they do to quell the fear in their students, and if they offer any hands-on methods to improve one’s driving skills.

– Do They Offer Online Classes?

Let’s face it; when it comes to learning about the details of driving, it’s a lot better to have your teen read about it on a screen than from a book. Many services like Champions Driving School offer online classes through which you can learn everything you need. It’ll be a lot easier for your teen and they can access information whenever they need it!

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