Aging creeps up on everyone. When it comes to driving, you could have years—maybe decades—of experience, but you might still find that maneuvering and reacting quickly are not as easy they used to be.

With impaired driving ability comes safety issues. Here are some tips to keep you, and others with you, safe on the road.

Test Your Vision and Hearing Regularly

As we age, our vision and hearing tend to decline. This is unfortunate, because both are essential when it comes to driving.

It is recommended that people who are aged 65 years or older should visit the eye doctor at least once annually. If you wear glasses or contacts, make sure that your prescription is up-to-date.

Only drive at night when necessary. At sunrise and at sunset, the sun’s glare can impair your vision, so avoid driving at those times.

When driving, you should be able to hear sirens, horns, and noises from your vehicle. Not being able to do so can be dangerous. Drivers aged 50 and above should get their hearing checked every three years.

Be Active

When driving, you should be able to steer quickly if needed, look for oncoming traffic, and brake safely.

Unfortunately, aging causes stiffness in the joints, and may also cause your muscles to weaken. Physical activity and regular exercise will maintain and improve the strength in your muscles and your flexibility.

Be Aware of Your Limitations

We all have things we can’t do or situations that make us feel uncomfortable. Limitations are nothing to be ashamed of. Knowing and understanding our limitations when it comes to driving is a safe practice.

Avoid freeways and highways because of fast-moving traffic. Keep the sound in your car at a low volume. Use a comfortable steering wheel cover.

Take a Driving Course to Sharpen Your Skills

Taking a refresher course is one of the best ways to sharpen rusty driving skills. A defensive driving course is specifically designed for safer and more responsible driving.

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