Driving on the highway is a break from the traffic, constant honking, and confined roads of the city. A highway is a multi-lane road that allows drivers to speed through it amidst the scenic beauty of the skies and towering landscapes. There are no breaks, no intersections, and no traffic lights.

Highways are also well-maintained, which makes them a lot easier to drive on. All you need is a traveling partner, your favorite melody, and some highway driving tips.  Here are some of them:

Timing is very important

Always pick the right time to drive on the highway. If you’re new to it, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed and nervous. To make things easier, choose a time that’s not too busy. Don’t drive on a weekend or public holiday if you can avoid doing so. Highways are generally emptier on weekdays.

If you’re a new driver, high visibility is your friend. So pick a day when the skies are clear and check the weather forecast beforehand to avoid rain, snow, and fog.

Keep an eye out for traffic

The highway is a very high-speed road, which means that drivers must have a wide view ahead of them. This is to make sure that any potential hazards are identified early.

The driver should be able to look at all the vehicles that are right ahead of them. They should also be able to see the cars that are driving sideway and behind them in the rearview mirror.

Make sure you’ve removed any obstruction from the mirror’s view.

Know about the highway lanes

Maintaining the right kind of distance before changing lanes on the highway is very important. Make sure you take a good, long look at the cars approaching you from behind and establish a 10-second distance between the cars in front of you before changing lanes.

It’s also important that the driver keeps a check on both the side-view and rear-view mirrors before switching a lane.

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