Did you know that the probability of road accidents increases by 30 times during rain and severe weather conditions? Streets drenched in water can lead to slippery cars that may collide with each other and hit people and animals.

The key to avoiding unfortunate accidents during heavy showers is driving very slowly. If you’re traveling to a new area, going down a slope, or making a sudden cut, reduced vision can betray your better judgment. Therefore, pace yourself accordingly and keep a good grasp at your wheel.

Here are a few tips that can ensure your safety while driving in the rain:

Turn on the headlights and use the wipers

Visibility can become a massive problem for safe driving in the rain. The first thing that you should do while driving in bad weather is to turn on your headlights and set the wipers to work. They’ll increase visibility and make your car more visible to other drivers too.

Stay far behind the car in front

Every driver should follow the two-second rule during the usual traffic. This rule holds that you should keep a two-second driving distance between yourself and the car in front. However, during a rainy day, it’s smart to stay a long way behind the car ahead of you to avoid slipping and colliding.

Don’t slam on your brakes

A sudden bang on brakes can make your car skid. As a result, you can lose control and may end up in an unfortunate incident.

Don’t use cruise control

When your tires move across a patch of water, they may lose grip and start to float. This phenomenon is called hydroplaning and is a common occurrence during heavy rain.

When your car hydroplanes in bad weather, try to take control and keep it going in the direction that it was headed. Remember not to use the cruise control as it can accelerate your car and lead to an accident.

Check for motorcyclists

You can easily miss the dark silhouettes of motorcycles in the fog. De-fog your windows by using in-built ventilation options and ask those with you in the car to look out for any drawing motorcyclists.

Be careful while merging

While driving through merging lanes, look out for any vehicles and people passing by to avoid a collision. Merging can be tricky during rain, so make sure that you’re extra cautious.

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