You’ve just finished our DPS authorized driving test and have even gotten in some extra training at home for good measure-all to get ready for the driving test. Congratulations!

You’ve taken the first step toward acquiring your license. The second—and final—step is passing the exam!

That’s why this blog covers everything you can expect on your big day so you’re prepared fully prepared.

How to Prepare for the DPS-Authorized Road Test?

The first thing you need to do is to review Texas’s driving laws. This way, you’ll know whether you can go through which intersection like a traffic signal, two-way stop, four-way stop, or around about. Your state’s manual lists all of this information. Our practice tests for the writing section will train you perfectly for all of these questions.

You should also put in long hours of practice; the more you practice, the better you’ll perform under pressure and combat your driving test nerves.

What Will You Get Tested On?

You need to be well-versed instate laws and be able to operate a vehicle confidently. So you’ll have to drive on roads amidst actual traffic during your test.

Graceful maneuvers and a good technique will help you pass, as will how frequently you check the mirrors and for blind spots.

You also need to be very reactive to traffic signals, obey the speed limit, brake and accelerate smoothly, slow down at intersections, and keep your car sufficiently spaced from other cars. The examiner may even ask about the controls in the car and their correct usage.

Whether you’re taking your driving test at the DPS or with Champions Driving School, we recommend scheduling a one-hour exam-ready lesson with one of our instructors prior to your test.

This will help them ensure that you are prepared, by informing you of instances where you went wrong. That way, you can avoid any minor or major faults on your test, and in the future as a licensed driver.

Eyesight Check

Before the test begins, you will be getting an eyesight check. For this, you will have to look into a machine and read the words it shows. Once you pass that, your test will officially begin.

What to Bring to Your Driving Test?

The theory portion is done prior to the practical test. So make sure to bring along your learner’s license, as this will serve as your photographic identification. You should also bring a licensed and insured vehicle along with you. If you don’t have one however, we can provide ours for the test.

If you’re in the 16–17 age bracket, you need to bring a parent along, as well as your DE-964 certificate that will indicate your full 32 hours of drivers’ education course completion. You also need a certificate of completion from the Impact Texas Teen Drivers video, dated within 90 days of your test. If you’re 18 but have completed this program as well, you need to bring the same documents.

However, for those of you who’re in the 18–24 age bracket, a valid ADE-1317 certificate is compulsory as it will confirm your educational course completion. A certificate of completion of the Impact Texas Young Drivers video is also required, dated again, within the past 90 days.

You don’t need the educational course completion certificate if you’re 25 or older.

Enroll in our DPS-Authorized Road Test in Houston, TX now and start preparing!