Learning to drive is such an exciting time and when you finally pass your test, you get so much more freedom. But before you can hit the open road on your own, you need to pass your road test, and this leaves most people feeling incredibly nervous. 

Usually, it’s the fear of the unknown that people struggle with the most. They don’t know what they will be asked and what skills they will be tested on, so they find it hard to prepare. If you want to know how to pass road test on your first attempt, it’s vital that you know what is included in the test itself. Read on to find out more details about the test and get some great driving tips to help you increase your chances of passing. 

What To Expect From Your Test

When you first arrive to take your test, it’s important that you have a vehicle in good working order, with valid insurance and current registration. Double-check that the headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and brake lights are all functioning properly before you arrive. If the vehicle is not safe, you won’t be able to take the test in the first place. 

The driving instructor is there to ensure that you have complete control over the vehicle when driving and you are able to handle it safely. So, if you want to know how to pass road test, it’s crucial that you stay calm and collected at all times and you follow the rules of the road to the letter. During the test, the instructor will watch to see how you use your mirrors and turn signals, whether you abide by speed limits, whether you understand who has right of way at junctions, and how observant you are of the other road users around you. 

As well as examining your general driving skills and your safe handling of the vehicle, there are some specific skills they will test. 

Basic Driving Skills

Showing that you can be confident behind the wheel and you are not a danger to other road users is only part of the test. You will also be assessed on the following specific skills: 

  • Use of turn signals and mirrors.
  • Abiding by the rules of the road (speed limits, road signs etc.)
  • Changing lanes safely.
  • Parallel parking.
  • Backing up.
  • Turning safely (including a U-turn and a 3-point turn.)

If you are looking for driving test tips, the best advice you can get is to master all of these skills and practice them as much as possible before the day of your test.

Bonus Tip: Another quick and easy way to remember the skills you’re being graded on is the acronym – C.O.P.S, or Control, Observation, Positioning, and Signals to ace your DPS-Authorized Road Test with ease.

Other Driving Test Tips To Help You Pass

Practice Makes Perfect

Teen drivers are required to have 7 hours of in-car training, 7 hours of observation, and 30 hours of additional practice (at least 10 at night) before they can take their test. During this time, you will practice everything you need to pass your test. However, adult drivers are not required to do the same hours, which means a lot of people go into it unprepared. One of the best driving test tips is to practice, practice, practice, no matter how old you are. 

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Preparing yourself properly on the day makes a difference too. Eat a healthy breakfast so you are alert, but avoid drinking too much caffeine because it can make you anxious. Make sure you go to the toilet beforehand too, so you don’t get distracted. 

Check Your Surroundings

Instructors like to see that you are vigilant, so make an effort to show this during the test. Always check the mirrors and turn your head too, so they can see that you are aware of your surroundings. When you are more vigilant, this also means that you will react to situations on the road ahead of time. Your instructor will be watching to see whether you react in a calm way or whether you are panicked because you only noticed a potential hazard at the last second. 

Relax & Remain Calm

Finally, the most important of all the driving test tips; relax. When you are stressed out, you will not concentrate as well and your driving instructor will be able to tell. So, even though it’s nerve-wracking, try to relax as much as possible. 

Booking Your Driving Test 

If you have put all of your hours in and you feel comfortable now that you know what to expect, it’s finally time to book your DPS-Authorized road test! Champions Driving is a registered third-party skills testing school with two locations where we administer the authorized driving test to any driver that qualifies. 

We have very flexible testing times and you can schedule a test that works for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and book your DPS-Authorized Road Test