When you are preparing for your first driving lesson with an instructor, it’s really up to you how much preparation you put in. There are some learners out there who prefer to prepare by cramming in as much knowledge as possible before they have their first session, so they don’t feel so nervous, but others are happy to leave the instructor to explain everything to them. It’s important to remember that there are no real basic requirements for you to prepare anything for your first driving lesson other than to get there and bring your learners permit with you, but we will get onto that later. 

Good preparation with a good night’s sleep the night before, wearing comfortable clothing with closed-toe shoes, and triple checking where you are meeting your driving instructor is important. Most important here though, it’s to be on time. You want your first driving lesson to go off without a hitch, and here are the things you need to know all about it.

Bring Your Learner’s Permit

Having your learners permit ready before you operate a car is important. Your instructor will not be able to continue with the lesson unless you have the right paperwork and license. It is the law to have a permit while you are learning to drive. Champions Driving is one of the FEW driving schools that have never been in an at-fault accident and we aim to keep it that way

Ease Any Anxious Thoughts & Driving Nerves

The instructor has the priority of equipping you with the right skills to drive safely. The idea is that you should be able to drive along the road with full confidence in your abilities and your ability to see what everybody else around you is doing. You don’t have to panic that your instructor won’t be able to do this because they are experienced with new drivers, and they will be with you the entire time. Some learning cars have dual controls, which means that they can control the pedals in case that they need to stop in an emergency. They should help you to ease any anxiety that you are going to be in control of a car.

You’ll Start in the Passenger Seat

Most instructors at driving schools will take the wheel and drive you to a less busy street or parking lot to begin your driving lessons. This means you start out in the passenger seat. If you have been nervous, this should help you to realize that you are not expected to drive off in the first five minutes of the lesson. Clear traffic instructor will make sure that you have a place to practice that is free of other cars and pedestrians. Our instructors do a verbal evaluation and based on that it’s determined if the student is capable of driving directly out of our parking lot or if the instructor should take them to a more open area.

The “Cockpit Drill” 

A big part of learning to drive is learning how the car works in the first place. Therefore a driving instructor will take you through a cockpit drill as a first instance. This will take you through what every button, light and knob means in the vehicle so that you can be confident that you know how to run the car.

All About Controls & Driver Checks

There is a lot to learn when you drive an automatic vehicle, but with our experienced instructors it won’t feel like too much to handle. With an automatic vehicle, you won’t have to worry too much about the gears or the clutch because the car does that automatically for you. No matter what, your instructor will walk you through how to check your mirrors, signal correctly, correctly stop the vehicle and other basics that you cannot be on the road without knowing. No matter which type of vehicle you learn in, you will have to complete drivers’ checks and learn about the controls before you go anywhere.

Work with a Trusted Driving School

When it comes your time to learn to drive, you need to make sure that you are working with a trusted driving school. Understanding the costs of learning to drive, sticking with the same school throughout your lessons, and being ready for your first day is exactly how you can stay consistent and confident with your driving abilities. Remember, you are a learner, and you are there to learn so take it all in because one day you will be on the road without your instructor!

Your first driving lesson is an exciting experience, so giving Champions Driving Schools a call today is the best decision that you could make for your future.