One of the best ways to escape the hustle and bustle of the city is to gather a bunch of friends and go on a long drive. A long road trip serves as a break from everyday work stress and enables you to re-energize.

So pack your bags and update your playlist, ’cause we’re about to go through a bunch of tips that’ll come in handy for your next inter-state drive.

Stay alert

If there’s one thing you can’t afford to do while driving interstate, it’s falling asleep! Make sure you’re aware of your sleep patterns and stop the car at even the smallest hint of sleepiness. Take a friend along with you so you can talk to them throughout.

When you feel like you’re fatigued or drowsy, pull over and rest for a while. It’s always better to stop by at a motel, get refreshed and start over. If you’ve got a friend, you can always switch drivers every couple of hours.

Lanes are important

Most interstate highways have three lanes. Here’s what each is for:

The lane on the extreme left hand is for slow traffic. This is also known as the passing lane for those who don’t wish to drive fast.

The middle lane is for those who don’t intend to change lanes anytime soon. Most people who travel long distance prefer using this lane.

The lane on your extreme right is known as the ‘enter’ or ‘exit’ lane.  This lane is only used if you either want to enter or leave the highway, not for long-distance, consistent driving.

Know your speed limits

Over-speeding on the highway has always been a no-go territory—both for you and your family’s safety!

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the maximum speed limit for highway driving is 75 mph. You can take it to 80 or 85 in some areas, if the highway can accommodate it.

You also need to slow done while approaching residential areas, small towns, animal farms, and schools. Look out for the signs to know when to do so.

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