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Do You Have Any of These Annoying Driving Habits?

Nobody thought it would be half a decent idea to write a book about the seven habits of highly defective drivers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They do exist, and they’re host to some of the world’s most universally hated driving habits. While it’s a given that almost all of us have some bad driving habits (very few people are perfect drivers), there are some driving habits that top all others.

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Adult Driving School: Why There is No Shame in Learning

There is no set age limit when it comes to learning. It does not matter if you’re taking up a university course, attending a workshop to acquire a skill or even learning to ride a bicycle. The only real pre-requisite is the will or desire to learn. This also holds true when it comes to driving.

Conditioning, Association and Age

One of the things we find unfortunate is the fact that many people associate learning with ignorance or being young. They may feel that there is an age beyond which there is no point in learning new things because it may seem inappropriate or embarrassing.

Driving happens to be one of those things. Every now and then, we come across adults at our driving schools in Pinehurst and Houston, TX who sign up for our programs then bail at the last minute. On many occasions, the reason for this is that they feel ashamed to be going to driving school so late in their lives.

Well believe us, when it comes to driving, there’s no shame in learning no matter how old you may be!

Why There’s no Shame in Attending Driving School When You’re Older

You wouldn’t feel bad about going in for a masters or PHD program at age 40 or 50 would you? It’s something you want to learn; something that might contribute to your skill set and something that will offer mobility. Driving is pretty much the same and if learning for your own sake regardless of age isn’t reason enough, there are other things to think about.

As a good driver, you’re not just keeping yourself and those in your car safe. You’re actually helping make the road safer for all who are on it. You have all kinds of drivers on the road and the US has no shortage of annual traffic fatalities and other accidents. The fact that you’re making an extra effort for the benefit of others as well as yourself is not something you should be ashamed of. It’s a thing of pride!

Finally, if your driving skills are rusty, going to driving school is like taking a refresher’s course. Most importantly, no one will judge you for wanting to do things the right way.

Winding Down

If you’re an adult who feels unsure about their driving skills it’s okay! You’d be surprised about how many of us can or could relate. Just remember, there’s never any shame in learning. If you want to know where you stand, you can take an accredited road test or simply connect with us for more on our adult driving lessons and courses. In any case, drive safe!

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Defensive Driving: What is it and Why Should I Learn?

Road accidents are a big problem in the US with millions suffering injury as well as damage to property on an annual basis. Traffic accidents can occur due to a number of reasons and on occasion, you might be involved in something that is entirely someone else’s fault. The problem is, regardless of whom there is to blame, the damage will already be done.

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