Car vandalism often results in hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. Although there is one safe way to prevent vandalism, there are steps you can take to prevent and limit the chances of you becoming a target for car vandalism. Below are our top tips to prevention and protection from an upsetting experience.


How to Protect Your Car from Vandalism and Theft

Avoid Leaving Your Keys in the Car

Leaving keys in the car not only makes it a potential target for car thieves, but it also makes it considerably easier for them to steal it.

Don’t Leave Valuable Items Inside

Make a habit of not leaving personal documents, credit cards, jewelry, or any valuables in your car as they make a lucrative target for thieves.

Park in a Safe Spot

Always park your car at a spot that’s well-lit and in the public’s eye, especially at night time, to keep car thieves at bay.

Learn About Road Safety

If you haven’t before, sign up for driving lessons to learn about road safety and preventative measures you can take to avoid being a victim of vehicle crimes.

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