It’s all fun and games until your car starts making strange sounds. Now, here you are, as a new driver who’s at their wit’s end because different lights are blinking, there’s a weird grinding noise and dear God, the AC smells so bad!

Considering that the average car is meant to stay serviceable for 11.8 years, yours might not be near its end any time soon. So, what could be the issue?

Champions Driving School offers some basics on car problems and how you should solve them!

Learning about Car Problems

  • Warning Light is On

Is the Check Engine light on or any other warning light? First, park your car in a safe location and cautiously check the component that the car is indicating for. If it’s the battery or an interior section of the vehicle’s engine control unit that you can’t understand, contact a professional mechanic.

Sometimes, the error code gets triggered by accident or a malfunction as well so it’s best to be sure it’s not a fluke.

  • The Engine is Sputtering

That sputtering sound happens in an engine when ignition and fuel components don’t work well together. If your vehicle is sputtering and stopping, consider having its ignition and fuel system replaced or at least checked by a mechanic.

  • You’re Running Out of Fuel Too Quickly

Be honest and answer this question: when was the last time you got your car serviced? If you can’t remember, that’s the problem.

Various car components such as air filters, mass airflow sensors, fuel filters and O2 sensors get worn out and dirty with time. If they’re not replaced in time, this causes the engine to start using more fuel. Have your vehicle serviced and consult an auto technician if the problem persists.

  • Brakes Grinding or Squeaking

Is your vehicle old? If so, squeaking and grinding noises indicate that the brake pedal needs to be replaced, and soon! Keep in mind, you can’t ignore brake problems; you’re just asking for trouble. If the brakes are squeaking, check the area around the brakes to make sure there’s no weak component, and have them replaced.

  • The AC Smells Bad

Smells like rotten eggs in there? Your AC’s accumulator is to blame.

A common problem in most vehicles, especially if you use your AC extensively, this component can be replaced easily, and doesn’t cost much either so it shouldn’t be a burden for you.

  • Your Car is HOT

And not in a good way!

If your car is toasty to the touch, far more than usual, it’s a sign that your engine is overheating. Check the coolant gauge and make sure to refill it if needed. And check the smoke from the tailpipe as well. If it’s dark, your engine needs care.

Improve Your Driving

Online courses such as defensive driving courses also teach you plenty about damage control and how to drive safely on the road.

So, if you want to prepare further, sign up for a teen driver’s course or adult driver’s education at Champions Driving School. Or drop by at our Pinehurst location. And ask us about any car trouble. We’d be happy to guide you!