Highways and motorways tend to have a bad reputation, with many drivers choosing to avoid them due to nervousness or their dangerous reputations. Here are some driving tips to follow while you’re on the highway:

Choose the Correct Time

If you’re new to highways, it is best to choose a time when traffic is low. Afternoons are an ideal time as the roads tend to be empty. Also, keep a check on the weather as a bright clear day without any fog or rain will provide clear access and reduce any driving-related tension.

Maintain Safe Distance

Maintaining the right speed and distance is the key to perfect a lane change on a highway. Keep a safe distance—four to six seconds-worth of space—from the car in front of you and the vehicles to your left and right as you maneuver. You should also regularly check the rear-view, side-view mirror, and any blind-spot before making the switch. Since you are moving at high speeds, you should have sufficient time to respond to a traffic danger and stop promptly while avoiding a collision.

Be Aware of Designated Passing Lanes

It is crucial to be aware of the correct lanes for entering and exiting the highway’s traffic flow. If you need to pass the other vehicles, the left lane is for passing. Avoid frustrating the drivers behind you by staying in the left lane if you don’t intend to pass.

Likewise, never pass on the right of another vehicle. While passing, be sure to use your turn signal to alert other drivers that you are changing lanes. Your rear and side mirrors should be checked to ensure you have enough space to move, and that no car is speeding your way.

Avoid Distractions

The NHTSA reported that in 2018, 2,841 lives were lost due to distracted driving. Staying focused on the highway is crucial to maintain safety. If you engage in any distractions, there is a higher risk of being involved in, or causing, an accident. It is estimated that more than 80% of cell phone owners use their phones while driving. While you’re on the highway, avoid using your phone, talking to friends, or hearing loud music to ensure maximum focus on the road.

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