Champions 100PRCT Club

Learning to drive is an exciting life skill, but that doesn’t mean it will come easy. It can actually be quite challenging.

Once you’ve completed drivers education and put in the necessary hours of practice, your last obstacle before becoming an independent driver is to pass your driving test.

Although the test is over within 15 minutes, a lot of nerves are built up knowing that you will be observed and evaluated by the person who determines whether you can obtain a drivers license or not— which can lead to you making small mistakes during your driving exam that you otherwise would not make if you weren’t so anxious. With that said, if you are able to overcome the stress, nerves, and pressure during your test, and not only pass, but make a perfect score (100%), you have made an incredible accomplishment! Many students do well on the test, and we are proud of each and every one of them!


It is not common to complete the entire test without making any mistakes at all, so extra special recognition is deserved for this grand achievement. That is why we have created the 100PRCT (100 Percent) Club! If you make a perfect score on your driving test, we’ll take your photo with our custom 100PRCT license plate and post it here on our website! Then you’ll forever hold a special place in our hearts, Champion!


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